Meet the Team

Jazz and Kevin

These boys belong to me, they are my lawnmowers and top models. Jazz is 25 and Kevin is 14, both are as daft as you can get and very much part of our family.


Lottie and Leyla

I’m Lottie and I’m 27, alongside me is my little sister Leyla, who is currently 8. I’ve competed in Ridden Showing, In hand Showing and Jumping for many years, and Leyla has done it since she was very young on Lead rein, First Ridden and Working Hunter. My key focus now is Leyla, helping her progress as she grows. Having had horses all my life, I’m also a show judge and steward. We both look forward to working with Bespoke Tack Room, and are more than grateful to have such a great sponsorship.



Katie and Harvey 
Hi my name is Katie, I have owned Harvey for eight years and produced him from scratch. We compete in British Dressage at Prelim and Novice and will be progressing to Elementary, also aiming for Medium in the next year or so.


Gemma and Missie
Hi, my name is Gemma and this is my first owned horse Missie. The most important thing in my ownership with Missie is that we do everything as a partnership. I am very excited to be working with such an amazing team.


Romy, Liberty and Twizzle

My name is Romy and I live in the County of Shropshire. I have two rescue horses named Liberty and Twizzle. I look forward to working alongside BTR and can’t wait to collaborate and share my journey with them.



Star - Helping Hooves

Star is a Welsh Section D 14.1 pony and is BTR non ridden sponsor, who up until she joined Bridget, hadn’t had the greatest relationships with humans, Star is now a happy therapy pony who is the ‘go to’ pony that everyone has a connection with bringing out the very best in people and helping them more than she will ever know. Star loves peace and quiet, grooming and sunbathing. We made a promise to Star when she came here, to love and care for her and accept her for what she is ...Bridget's best friend

Laura and Horses
My name is Laura, I’m 32 and I have been riding since I was 3 years old. My mum, daughter and I have our own ponies that we compete in various disciplines. Our ponies are, Loulou, Rubin, and Boris. We then have Mojo and Fergus on part loan. I also ride and compete on my friends ponies. Riding has always been my passion, I’m so looking forward to the opportunity of working with Bespoke Tack Room.