About Us

At Bespoke Tack Room, our aim is to make horse equipment available to everyone, for a fraction of the price, totally unique and made to fit perfectly, for only a small amount of your time. The worksheets available to purchase, have step by step guides with pictures and written text that are easy to follow and can be adapted as your confidence and technique grows. There are lots of worksheets to get you started, and more will be added on a regular basis. We try to do our bit and encourage others to do their bit, for the environment. So by using end of roll fabric, recycling buckles and fasteners from old rugs, and repurposing items you have around the house or yard, allows us all to reduce our footprint.

Tack Room

There are lots of items I make for my own horses, but there are many I wouldn’t, especially personal protection items that have been tested to safety standards. As a youngster our family had five competition ponies, they all had matching rugs, boots and saddlecloths, all with personalised embroidery, not just one set each, but a set in different colours for each pony for every season. Alittle the ponies were different shapes and many brought items had to be adapted to fit. This is where it all started, I found fabric I liked and brought the roll, sourced fasteners and buckles and started to make things that no one else had. The first few attempts were a little unsightly as I wasn’t an experienced seamstress, these were used as under rugs, but as my confidence grew I became more experimental and tried all sorts of items. That leads me to where I am now, sharing my guides, all with pictures for easy to follow steps. I really hope you enjoy making your own equipment, and take pride in your unique and bespoke tack room.